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The pandemic and the illness that came with it are not gone and it's not over, but a lot of what was holding us back during the pandemic has since subsided. So for me it is a bit of a moment to refocus.


Pre-pandemic we focused on giving of our resources and time to charities that we felt impacted our communities where we lived and worked. During the meat of the pandemic we never got away from those things, in fact in some ways we doubled down with our time and resources. Then it got unsafe to be in person, and we had to stop giving our time. We continued to give our resources, but we couldn't show up and give our time face to face any more. I think that took away from a bit of who we were and what we were learning as a company focused on giving. It's time to get back to that. We have to get back to showing up. Companies are designed to make money, but my dream is to make a company that sustains its teammates and contributes to sustaining it's communities.


I think this will resonate with a lot of people, but through the heavier parts of the pandemic and even the lighter parts, it felt like just coming in and out of different levels of brain fog and haze. I'm sure for more people out there than just myself, that has contributed to certain projects delayed, tasks undone, questions unanswered. Things seem so unorganized. I think it is ok to feel ok enough to put the pieces back. Put the energy back that were the building blocks to an organized concerted effort for myself personally and for Broadwing as an organization. In a sense.. It's time to build everything back better, more sustainable and more organized.

Marching Forward

I'm taking a moment to write this and to refocus and hopefully inspire someone out there to do the same. I am tragically optimistic as an individual. But that optimism needs focus. It needs direction. For Broadwing to be successful, we have to be organized, we have to remember that we are givers of time and resources, and we have to keep marching forward, one foot in front of the other.

Kenyan Hicks - Broadwing CEO/Founder

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