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Not All Recruiting Agencies Are Created Equal

I’ve been in the recruitment industry for two years now which means I am about as green and innocent as they come. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and think they have the best intentions until they prove otherwise. I make this preface as an admission that I haven’t seen it all and am constantly growing and learning more, but I’ve got a bone to pick.

Not all recruiting agencies are created equal.

If you spend any length of time on the recruiting side of LinkedIn you might come to believe that all recruitment agencies are slimy and only out to make a buck. The horror stories are a dime a dozen and I won’t deny that some of them are probably true. Are there agencies that have dishonest practices? Sure! That would be in any business-- from sales to HR to accounting.

So, what makes Broadwing stand out among other agencies?

I believe Broadwing is built and operated in a way that is people centered. As an agency, when we come into a client’s talent environment we aren’t elbowing the in-house recruiters out of the way. We are there to be a resource and a help to the team. Yes, we want to bring them (and DO bring them) amazing talent, but we’re also there to assist and help the hiring process run smoothly for everyone involved.

We care about the needs of the hiring managers knowing they are operating short staffed and have a lot on their plates and schedules. We care about the in-house recruiters being spread thin across numerous roles. We care about candidates who want to advance in their careers and get connected with companies that are innovative and making a difference.

This is the Broadwing way.

I know this is a “tooting your own horn” kind of thing, but I think it’s important to share because as a company we want to raise the standard within the recruitment community. We’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful in-house recruiters who have been supportive and encouraging to us in their environment. Who have seen us as an addition to their team and not trying to invade their turf and in doing so we’ve all been able to be more effective! We value those relationships.

If your talent team could use some reinforcements please reach out to us! Let us show you the Broadwing way.

We are Broadwing.


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