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A Wave Coming

I have noticed some changes out and about the past couple of weeks. Although many of us are still hunkered down and working from home, we do get out for walks, maybe go pick up food. Heck, the weather is getting nicer as well so we're just seeing more people out and about. With vaccine availability rising and people taking advantage, optimism is growing! A wave of "normalcy" approaches.

Fine tuning yourself and your environment with ownership

Let's be honest, a lot of us, either can't go back to normal or refuse to. We saw how expendable we were given the circumstances, or we saw that with a minute to actually relax, how we could actually work on ourselves. So why not own that? Take ownership and create boundaries between work and your home life. Take ownership and understand that the fatigue you feel at the end of the week that doesn't allow you to work on the projects you love, might be because every day you went those three extra miles for the project at work. I'm easily the 10 millionth person to preach about work life balance, but let's take ownership that if it doesn't happen, it's on you. It's on you to create the automatic reply e-mail, it's on you to stay focused during the day so that you don't have do a few more things at night. It's your responsibility to say to your boss, what you're asking me to do is not in line with my pay or where I believe I should be valued. It's on you. Own it, and take care of you, and your business.

Build for yourself

Taking ownership of your time means investing it in the right places as well. Maybe that is in family time, maybe it's on crafts. Maybe it's in starting that one passion that is the side hustle, that with work and dedication will one day become your main hustle. Whatever that thing is, it has to be a bit selfish. Why? Because you deserve it!

Most of us when we get up, get the kids ready, have some coffee, barely eat, get to the office, have some water and sit down (just to get back up again and go to the bathroom moments later), we're doing it to build for someone else. It's their company that they believe can do some good for sure, but at the end of the day, it builds their name, their brand, their wealth. What about you? You deserve that too.

As the wave of "normalcy" appears off in the distance, make sure that when it hits you are on a path to something for yourself. A new view on work, a new view on personal projects and personal growth.

-Kenyan Hicks

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