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Why Your Team NEEDS A Recruiting Coordinator

I’ll admit it, as a recruiting coordinator myself, this post may come off a bit biased. Regardless, I am absolutely convinced that recruiting teams benefit from the valuable services a coordinator provides.

What are these services? I’m glad you asked!

Coordinators don’t JUST schedule interviews. We do spend a lot of time working our special kind of calendar magic to create or utilize space where it is seemingly impossible. We understand that your hiring team is doing more than just hiring. They are managing people and problems (problem people? lol) and programs, too. A coordinator takes calendar tetris off their plates. A great coordinator can do so much more!

Good coordinators are hospitable!

Great coordinators are like the smiling perky greeters at your local eatery. They are warm, welcoming and there to make you feel comfortable, which is one of the benefits of having a coordinator. We can handle the hospitality aspect for your team/company by giving the candidate a consistent person they know they can touch base with if they have a question about their interview or clarification on what the interviewing process looks like for your particular company and/or req.

Good coordinators are helpful!

Coordinators are also great at assisting hiring managers and interviewers. If there’s a question that comes up from a candidate’s resume that they’d like some clarification on or if some references are needed as a final step. Recruiting coordinators got you! We’re also really great at rescheduling interviews if you run into an unplanned snag during the day. It happens and we are there to help!

Good coordinators keep things flowing!

Wading through candidates and hiring new team members is time consuming. I don’t need to tell you that! Coordinators are great at checking in with candidates to get availability in a timely manner (just in case that availability request accidently went to spam) or to nudge a hiring manager to give some feedback. We double check with candidates to make sure they have confirmed their interview schedule in an attempt to not unnecessarily waste an interviewer's time.

Good coordinators just make the entire hiring process better-- for your candidates and your hiring team!

If your team could use this extra white glove service for your hiring process please reach out. We’d love to be of service!

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