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When you care

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Holly Hrywnak

I wanted to start this off by making it clear who this is written about. Holly Hrywnak. Holly has been with Broadwing since it was basically a napkin written idea not long in to our short history. In that time Holly has really helped us create a service and an environment that has only promoted more growth. What she has done for our organization in terms of how we operate is very important, but that is not what I want to tell you about. Holly helps us care, that's what you need to know.

Growing a company and growing in your community

When you start a company no one knows who you are. You have no brand no matter what you create, because nobody has heard of you. Holly has helped us grow our presence in a number of ways, but most importantly she has helped me personally grow our giving, and grow our caring. Holly had to postpone her official start date with our company because she was traveling to Kenya to support a charity she really believes in. It is in Holly's nature to do things like this. Where someone like me sees this as taking time out of life, to do, Holly sees this as life to do. Giving, caring, growing is in Holly's nature. She can't be different (*Unless the Bills are playing the Patriots).

That example that we all get a chance to interact with has helped shape our presence in our own communities. You feel compelled when you see a teammate going the extra mile, to try and match that energy. When that energy is giving, you're humbled to see how easy it can be, and you want to challenge yourself to do more. So we have, and we will continue to do so!

One of the charities we give to is called Rehema Home. Learning about it has made me wonder... how many organizations out there like this one have their version of Holly. Someone doing what they can to try and be supportive. But since this is one we work with I want to make sure that I point you in that direction.

A little from Rehema Home on who they are: "Rehema Home is committed to caring for each child, regardless of their health status, taking them into our Home and providing them with love and instilling in them a hope for a future. We have heard it from many visitors who have walked through our doors, “You are not an orphanage, you are a Home.” Rehema Home is unique, we are not a “Western Organization” attempting to do some good in a “Third World” country. We are a Kenyan organization, led by Kenyan leaders who have responded to a need within their communities."

When you care it rubs off on other people. They want to try and care too. Maybe that is what we all need some more of right now. Someone rubbing their unwavering care off on us so that we can pass that on to the next person. Lord knows the past year has hardened us all enough. It might be time to just care.

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