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The Benefits of Using Smaller, Niche Recruiting Firms

As you may or may not know, Broadwing is a recruiting firm with three full time employees. Considering our company is just over 2 years old we are proud of the growth and success we’ve been able to achieve in this short period of time. We’ve consistently been able to help our clients find candidates that not only fit a job description but also the culture of their company.

Broadwing is a niche recruiting company that works with clients in the tech industry. Being a small, niche recruiting firm has its benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. When working with a smaller company you can be guaranteed that your job opening won’t be lost in a sea of other open job requests. Your company and your open position are a priority.

  2. With specialized firms you can be assured that the company understands your specific needs and are focused on getting you the very best candidate for that position. They know the ins and outs of that specific market and will bring you qualified candidates.

  3. Smaller companies are your biggest advocates. They understand the importance of representing your brand well and will let potential candidates know what’s so great about working for you!

  4. One of the greatest benefits has got to be the level of communication you can expect with a smaller firm. They are accessible and responsive making the hiring process much easier, faster and honestly more enjoyable for everyone involved.

These smaller, niche recruiting companies have grit and will work tirelessly for you because you’re not just another number to them. If you’re a company needing some recruiting help at this time I would encourage you to work with a smaller and more specialized recruiting firm. You won’t be sorry you did!

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