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Broadwing Goals

In a moment of hiring chaos across tech recruiting, I'm doing everything I can to stay present and in the moment, with an eye towards the future. Goal setting and planning is the only way for Broadwing to stay on the path to growth.

What are our goals?

In 2021 Broadwing will:

  • Improve basic operations

    • In the past we were a startup even at our operational core. That is not good... but it's kind of what had to be done. This year to remedy how we operate to make sure we have a bullet proof base, we have begun to and will continue to partner with proper legal and accounting entities that will help us continue to design our operations to be incredibly competitive. Broadwing is a place that is growing to serve clients, but we also can grow to serve our teammates best interests.

  • Further define our mission and vision

    • Broadwing has always been about creating a positive recruiting experience for candidates, clients and our teammates. This year we we will continue to integrate our core values of Confidence and Humility and outline how that plays in to the greater mission of creating a services company that positively impacts the organizations and communities that it touches.

  • Grow financially

    • A business only continues to exist if it makes money. Broadwing wants to have positive progressive impact as an organization and we can't do that without the funds to do it. Coming off of an economic downturn that had such an impact on talent acquisition, we will look to be a consistent service for our partners, separating ourselves even more from scrappy to polished. Growing financially in our 4th year of operating is going to help us create the base that makes sure Broadwing is around for many years to come.

I can't tell you how excited we all are to bring our brand of confident and humble recruiting to more organizations looking to hire.

-Kenyan Hicks

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